LNK.wtf runs YOURLS, with the Sleeky theme. It's hosted on Uberspace, and registered on name.com for free through the Github Student Developer Pack.

Statement on fradulent links

The website uses Google Analytics, to prevent and mitigate fraudulent requests. Unfortunately, I currently see no alternative. Currently, all links submitted are compared against PhishTank. As well as this, it is compared against three pre-determined blocklists. Historically, when running similar websites in the past, spam and scam manufacturers target smaller link shorteners like mine. They use these shorteners to conceal link's destinations, allowing them to bypass Google Safe Browsing and PhishTank checks. if these restrictions are not put in place, LNK.wtf will be placed on these lists. Google ReCaptcha v3 is also in use, occasionally. To report a fraudulent link, please email webmaster@lnk.wtf.

Statement on the longevity of LNK

It is possible we will see a new domain come to LNK in the coming months or years. In the event of such a move, I will try my best to migrate all pre-existing shortlinks. However, this is not a guarantee. Please see the Terms of Service for more information about out rights when it comes to submitted links.

Personal Remarks

I am a high school student. I recived the domain for free from name.com, so it is very possible I will be forced to migrate domains at the end of my registration. I am working on methods to monetise LNK without damaging the speed or security of the platform, as well as it's user's privacy. If I am unable to do this, it's very possible LNK will die. I don't want to beg, or ask for contributions unless it's absolutely necessary for me to do so, so I'll leave my PayPal info here on this page, but please do not feel obligated to donate to me.